The Bitcoin Self-Sovereignty Stack for All

[email protected]:~$ burrow mnemonic --interactive --dice-entropy --bits 128
Input 50 dice rolls [1-6]: 234322343242422344161254151
Input 23 more dice rolls [1-6]: 33116265515343114314456
Mnemonic Sentence: mountain tilt wing silk rude fox almost volume wine media verify card

Introducing: Rudefox ShowMyWork

Read about my new auditable seed generation process for non-technical users here.

Looking for Burrow? Read about the initial release of Burrow (or simply proceed to the Burrow Quick Start)!

*** WARNING ***

This software is in early-stage development and is not baked enough for beta-testing - let alone production use. Do not use with real funds under any circumstances.


Rudefox is a modular stack for creating Bitcoin custody solutions covering as much of the full vertical as possible, from custom full-node implementation to hardware wallet firmware. Each element of the stack is optional and seamlessly swappable with other tools in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Much of the functionality is still missing; this project has not even reached alpha status yet. So far, the works in progress are:



Design Goals