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Bitcoin: It Starts With 'What?'

Over the many years that I have been a 'Bitcoiner', I have had endless encounters and conversations with people looking to learn, invest, partner, challenge and express opinions about the space.

The difficulty I found is that a scarce few are able to give a coherent explanation of WHAT Bitcoin is. Even among industry insiders and journalists, an astonishingly few can give a layman's terms, coherent explanation of what exactly it was that changed in 2009 that enabled the launch of an industry that didn't exist beforehand.

Perhaps this is due to Bitcoin's complexity and lack of parallel, but this made things challenging for me because it is impossible to have a productive conversation about Bitcoin with someone who doesn't understand WHAT Bitcoin is.

Therefore, I developed this seminar as an agnostic look at the nuts and bolts of WHAT Bitcoin is, as a prelude to potential, further, "Part 2" conversations about "How" and "Why".

Maybe Bitcoin is for you.

Maybe it is not.

You won't be able to make an informed decision either way unless you understand WHAT Bitcoin is.

What will you Learn?

My seminar is a layman's terms, easy-to-understand walk-through of WHAT Bitcoin is, from the perspective of a software developer who has been following the space since 2011 and has implemented every aspect of Bitcoin, down to the cryptographic algorithms, with his own two hands.

I have given it to professionals of all sorts, from bankers to VC’s, real estate investors, entrepreneurs, attorneys and accountants – in individual settings and in group settings.

Whether participants end up moving forward or not, they always leave fascinated, with a sense that this is knowledge that everyone should be exposed to, and they are extremely appreciative of my willingness to take the time to deliver it.

What am I looking for from you?

Nothing. I mean it. I don’t care if you buy Bitcoin. Pursue it or don’t.

In my experience, despite all I have said above, you are probably still expecting a sales pitch on Bitcoin, full of charts and figures. It therefore bears repeating: My seminar is not a sales pitch - it is a purely agnostic, technical presentation - and there are no strings attached.

I love presenting the nuts and bolts of Bitcoin and my perspective on it because it always fascinates and surprises people. My short term goal is simply to grow my reputation as a professional in the space. Perhaps you’ll feel it was worthwhile and you’ll recommend it to others… or perhaps you won’t. Either is fine with me.

I have no expectations, other than, perhaps, feedback on my presentation.

Perhaps one day I'll decide it's no longer worth my time to give it or I'll start charging, so attend a session ASAP.

Time Commitment

How to Attend

Send me a Twitter DM and we'll find a time that works for you.