Build Rudefox Burrow Offline Seed Generator on a Raspberry Pi

Rudefox Burrow: Learn More

  1. Gather the necessary hardware:

    • Raspberry Pi (Tested on 3B+)
    • HDMI Display
    • SD Card
    • A/C Adapter
    • USB Keyboard (wireless is discouraged)
  2. Download the latest, zipped Raspberry Pi image

  3. Unzip the image using a utility like 7-zip

  4. Use a utility like Win32 Disk Imager to flash the SD Card with the unzipped image file

    • For OS-specific recommendations on SD Card flashing utilities, see the "Writing the Image" section on's Installing OS Images Guide
  5. Connect the Display to the Burrow device
    Display Parts

    1. Attach the display to the board
      Display Pins
    2. Connect the display using the HDMI connector
      Display HDMI
  6. Connect the USB Keyboard to the Offline Seed Generator

  7. Insert the SD Card into the Raspberry Pi and power up the device

  8. Connect the Offline Seed Generator to an A/C Outlet using the A/C Adapter

  9. WAIT for the device to reboot TWICE – YES, 2 TIMES!

    • Once to expand the filesystem
    • Again to activate the read-only filesystem
      • The device will boot into a prompt, and it will appear as though it is "just sitting"… give it 10 to 15 seconds, and it will reboot a second time…